We work with numerous clients to find the best fit for their hosting needs. 

Whether it is a fully managed and scalable AWS infrastructure around the globe, a simple managed server or a specialized hosting environment for short periods of time we select the appropriate parts, set them up and take care of them, so you don’t need to worry.

Success Stories


Umweltbundesamt: AWS Infrastructure

We setup a state-of-the-art, load-balanced VPC infrastructure with Multi A-Z RDS and Varnish Caching in front of Apache Webservers and a Solr Instance. Using EBS Volumes and an automated backup strategy this works as a set-and-forget-solution since a couple of years.

Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Bahn: Junge Bahn & Draufabfahren

Using a managed server cluster with Varnish Caching in front makes these big youth platforms fly, even during high load.


Tech Open Air: WordPress Performance

We successfully overcame the challenges of a massive influx of traffic before, during and after the conference using a flexible infrastructure with CDN and Varnish.


PROSIEBENSAT.1: #CreateChange

A simple yet efficient hosting setup with room to grow – a perfect example that appropriate hosting can be inexpensive.