About Us

appstretto is a distributed company focusing on building great products that are useful to people.
since its foundation in 2013 our lean and experienced team pushes a handful of projects we believe in.

Our Approach

we do things differently and carefully choose projects we put our time and sweat in.
these are our three ways of working together:



technologically or contentually challenging and interesting projects where an equity stake is not possible.


Equity + Cash

when we see the potential of your idea to take off we are interested in the possible upside by reducing the cash amount and increasing our equity stake.



our own visions and project ideas we push forward and have 100% control of.

Work With Us

we are building a real internet driven company by employing modern working techniques:

Home Office

Our team works from locations they want to work at: home office, coworking spaces, coffee shops, …


when our company performs well our team performs as well, and vice-versa. your bonus is based on your accomplishments.


great minds need freedom. we have an above average holiday policy.

Meeting up

regular meetups and offsites, one to three times per year in locations around the globe

International Team

we embrace foreign culture and diversity making up our international team of specialists


we provide you with state of the art hardware and software you need